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Examination schedule


Instructions for the written report

The report presenting one of the student’s own research projects should contain 2500-3000 words (references excluded from the word count) divided on the following headings:


  1. Abstract 250 word summarizing the whole report (will be distributed to the PhD students in the same Group)
  2. The background of and fundamental research questions in the research Project
  3. The aim, research questions and/or hypothesis

  4. The design

  5. The methodology planned or used for sampling, data collection and analysis

  6. The pros and cons of the design and methods planned or used

  7. Discussion of validity and reliability/trustworthiness, generalizability/transferability of the results


Instructions for the authors at the seminar

The author makes an oral presentation of maximum 10 minutes, PowerPoint presentation can be used. The presentation should focus on a critical review of the scientific methodology of the project as described in the report focusing both on strength and weaknesses in the design.


Instructions for the opponent at the seminar

The opponent has 10 minutes for asking questions and discussing the content and quality of the report with the author.


Scrutinize the design and methods described in the report.  Ask open questions that leads to a discussion. Be critical in a constructive way, use a good tone. Use time wisely to make sure to cover all areas below.

Specific areas to address:

  • Rationale of the study described

  • Aim, research questions and/or hypothesis

  • Sampling and generalizability of the study

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the proposed methods for sampling, data collection and analysis

  • Validity, reliability alternatively rigor and trustworthiness of the methods

  • Interpretation of preliminary results and conclusions if applicable

  • Additional important areas to address


Final summary of the report and discussion from course leaders and questions from course leaders and the audience for 5 minutes.


All PhD students must be present during half a day during the exam and will receive the abstract for each report to be presented during that half-day to read in advance.

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