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Research Preparing Scholarships

The Rector of Linköping university has issued guidelines for Research preparing scholarships and for Post Doctoral studies. To be eligible for a scholarship, the student must be admitted and registered to a research preparing course. We have three such courses available:

  • Research preparing course Ia 15 credits, coursecode 8FA043
  • Research preparing course Ib 30 credits, coursecode 8FA041
  • Research preparing course II 30 credits, corsecode 8FA042

(Each course is also available as a single-subject course without scholarship)

A research preparing scholarship is issued for a maximum of 52 weeks, but no longer than 12 months from the first day of the scholarship. This means that you cannot hold a scholarship for more than a year from first payment even if it is for less than 52 weeks. After this first year, the student should consider applying for doctoral studies instead.


Post Doctoral Scholarships

Scholarships may be issued to foreign citizens with a PhD-degree from other countres than Sweden.

A scholarship for Post Doctoral education cannot be issued only for research cooperation, but must have a clear educational content for the visiting Post Doctoral student.

The scholarship amount is SEK 20 000/month.

A Post Doctoral Scholarship can be issued for a maximum of two years.



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