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When you contact IT-support please provide as much information as possible about your problem, as well as your location and how best to contact you, so that your enquiry can be dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible.

LiU-IT’s Customer Service Centre has a special queue for all errands reported by email or telephone from HMV.  You will receive a ticket number which looks like this: [#160430].  This number should be used in all correspondence regarding your enquiry, so that LiU-IT can keep track of its progress and see which tasks have been completed. 

Email your enquiry to helpdesk@liu.se or call the Customer Service Centre on 013-28 2828.


Write your email subject in the following format:

HMV – surname – subject of your enquiry


HMV – Svensson – Problem with Outlook

Please follow these instructions so that our IT technicians can manage their workload effectively.  Please consider if it is absolutely necessary to call regarding more minor problems, an email is often better.

The technicians will be unable to help you if you arrive at their offices without first making an appointment.  They also appreciate not being interrupted with IT queries during their lunch and coffee breaks!


Programs and licences

If you have questions about computer programs or licences please send e-mail to helpdesk@liu.se. A purchase of software must always be cleared with the head of division. Please be prepared to state a project number (10 digits) for the cost when ordering new software.


Questions about LiU-id accounts

Contact: Fredrik Almquist, fredrik.almquist@liu.se or Tom Wise, thomas.wise@liu.se

IT Contacts

Helpdesk for employees

Phone: 013-28 2828
E-mail: helpdesk@it.liu.se

Homepage for Helpdesk


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Last updated: 2020-03-13